I am a published photographer whose work focuses on portraiture, I also create images which feature fine art nude and lingerie. 

I take photos for the purpose of creating art and truly believe that the original capture (with the camera) is merely the starting point, much like a painter capturing on canvas their interpretation of the person in front of them. 

My work has been featured in international media.

For more information, or to arrange a shoot, feel free to send me a message.

Collaboration info:-

For a 4 hour session, I will aim to provide between 4 to 8 fully edited images from the shoot, depending on how many are suitable for processing, I will not release unedited photos. (There will shots which are out of focus, poorly lit and of course, poorly posed, so clearly these will not be suitable.)

I spend many hours on each image and will normally take about one month to finish all of the editing. 

I would prefer it if you do not re-crop or otherwise re-edit any images that I've provided (instagram filters etc).

If you are on PP I will send you a calendar entry.

Mobile number to be provided (I'll give mine in return).

If you change your mind prior to the shoot, please give as much notice as possible, I understand sometimes life gets in the way, but I've had models not turning up (without any notice given) which is a waste of my time, and money if I've booked a studio. 

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